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H-Town S'mores: A Vegan Cookie Paying Homage to Houston

Houston is a city of culture, growth, diversity, unity, and abundance. When I think of my city, I see the hustle and grind small business owners like me put into work every day.

Can you name one type of cuisine Houston doesn't have? I know I can't. The city is full of creatives on the food scene.

The new H-Town S'mores cookie represents our city, and it is the perfect combo of salty and sweet. Each bite has fluffy vegan marshmallows and crunchy butter snap pretzels. Meet the cookie of Houston. I wanted to create a cookie like our city that was unique, fun, and intriguing.

I manifested this cookie for the people of Houston. Houstonians set the rules. This cookie created itself, and I just crafted it with my hands.

From the first bite to the final chew, you will be able to taste the love, unity, and effort. It will taste like Houston, your home, and your city.

Houston, please stand up this cookie is for you!

The H-Town S'mores cookie is a limited edition cookie. It is only here until the end of summer. Grab them while they are available.

Share a piece of Houston with someone you love. We ship all across our home state of Texas and throughout the US.


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