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About Our Bakery

Grub It Up, LLC ​is a home-based vegan bakery founded by owner Shelbie Morgan. The name Grub It Up was founded in 2013 when the owner decided to create a food Instagram to capture her most memorable moments with food. As time went on in 2019 she launched a blog for her food journey and then amid a pandemic in 2020 started her vegan bakery you have come to know. Grub It Up, LLC is a vegan bakery and hospitality brand that Shelbie plans to make a household name. The bakery has so much in store for both current and new customers. Our goal is for everyone to try delicious plant-based baked goods, and to know that vegan food is tasty. 

Our Products

At Grub It Up, LLC our products are made with the freshest vegan ingredients from local grocers. All ingredients are plant-based. Our recommender shelf life is 7 to 10 days because they are made without preservatives and are all-natural. You can also freeze our products to thaw out for a later time to enjoy without having to reheat them. This will allow them to last for a recommended 3 to 4 months.


Are your baked goods gluten-free?

We do offer gluten-free options for all of our customers upon request. Please place this in your order notes.

What type of plant-based milk do you use?

While the base for all of our products is almond milk, we do also offer oat milk and coconut milk as an alternative upon request for all of our customers. Please place this in your order notes.

Can I place a half order?

Currently, we do offer half orders for our donuts, bagels, and select cookies. Make sure you check out our Half N Half, you get 1 dozen cookies featuring two of our top three flavors, chocolate chip, pecan walnut chocolate chip, or oatmeal raisin.

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