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Must-Have Tools to Start a Vegan Bakery Side Hustle

Happy springtime! It has been a while since I posted a blog. As we all know, life does happen.

I am super excited to relaunch the blog portion of my website. I love to create thought-provoking content that you can utilize. Spring is all about fresh starts, and today I want to go over some must-have baking tools I believe are essential to start this type of side hustle.

Whether you are interested in starting baking as a hobby or a side hustle, the starter tools are essential.

Measuring Cups

Precision is an important part. Accurately measuring your ingredients can help save inventory or avoid mistakes. Many of us grew up watching our elders cook without measuring. When we asked how much, they gave us a snarling stare. Well, precision beats presumption any day. Use your measuring cups.

I am loyal to the KitchenAid Brand, but I started with my sturdy, never let me down Pyrex glass measuring cup.

KitchenAid Measuring cups links:

  1. Mini KitchenAid measuring cups:

  2. Large KitchenAid measuring cup:

  3. Pyrex measuring cup:

Silicon Scraper/Spatula

I honestly don’t know what I would do without this piece of equipment. I use it every time I bake. I get any leftovers out of the mixing bowl. It ranges from brownies and cupcake batter to banana bread mix and cookie dough.

This KitchenAid Scraper comes in a 2pk set. You can find this item at Target for just $9.99

KickenAid Scraper/Spatula Link:

Rectangular Baking Pan/ Square Baking Pan

When it comes to rectangular baking pans it is a necessity. Think about `your first starter dishes such as cakes and brownies. You can make smaller batches with square baking pans. This might be a good starting point when you are perfecting new recipes.

You can buy a set of both pans from your local Walmart for $10.79. I got my rectangular Pyrex pan at a garage sale. Talk about turning someone's trash into your treasure. I got my square baking pan at Walmart, and it gives me what I need.

Pyrex baking pans link:

Bowls on Bowls on Bowls + My Precious Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixing Stand

KitchenAid for the win. I started out using a handheld whisk and whatever bowl I could find in my kitchen. I realized as time went on it was not consistent in perfecting my baked goods or efficient for my time. After 6-months of hard-knock life, my parents surprised me with my first KitchenAid Artisan mixing stand.

This machine sped up my baking game and baked goods tremendously. I highly suggest saving up for one before getting in too deep in your side hustle. It is an investment worth making. Your hands, wrist, and customers will thank you.

While I am only 30, I have inflammatory arthritis in my hands and wrists from Sjogren’s Syndrome, an autoimmune disorder I have. Trust me when I say my KitchenAid mixing stand saved my life. Mine came from Target for $399. Don't let the price tag steer you away. There are other options. You can search eBay, Offer Up, or even Facebook Marketplace.

Kitcken Aid Mixing Stand Link:

Keep in mind any side hustle includes start-up fees. I know that starting an e-commerce home-based bakery can seem like a lot. It is feasible, and you start where you start. Just remember, do not stop.

I'm cheering for you.

Email me with any questions at


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