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Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Let me start by saying I am so excited to add a blog to my website. I want you as customers to not only learn more about me but to feel like you are part of the Grub It Up, LLC brand because you are.

Let me tell you about how Grub It Up, LLC all got started.

I have always been a foodie. Good food is good for the soul. During my childhood, I always looked forward to trying new places to eat, and my usual favorites with my parents. It was our weekend thrill to go out and eat. It was how we bonded. When we dined out or ate around the table, we embodied my brand motto “Chew, Savor, Smile”.

This love for food continued into adulthood. In 2013 I turned 21 and went on my first trip without my parents to non-other than Las Vegas baby!

I fell in love with the array of food and the flashing lights. This trip changed my life and my indulgence in the food scene.

I decided on that trip I needed to document all the great food I was eating, and something just told me to call it Grub It Up. I don’t know why the name just came to me. That is where my story began, and the rest is history.

I created an Instagram account handle @grubitup, the same one I still use to this day. Thankfully I felt the urge to keep the Instagram account.

Up until the end of 2018, I used the Instagram account on and off. I was navigating my twenties, college, and what the hell I wanted to do with my life. Little did I know I had the answer to that question already waiting for me to bring it to life.

In 2018 at happy hour with two coworkers, they told me I should start my food Instagram again. I have not stopped posting since.

I worked in corporate America because I figured that is just what you do with an Executive MBA. I was wrong what you do is become your own boss. It took getting laid off not even six months after that happy hour to begin my destiny. I realized after hitting rock bottom I had all the tools I needed plus the passion inside of me to forge my path.

I started posting my food adventures and the food I cooked. Once my lay-off came to fruition that Instagram turned into a full-time blog and cooking channel on YouTube. It's amazing what you can do with ample free time on your hands. You can define life on your terms.

When the unemployment checks came to an end, and a global pandemic hit, I knew I had to grind and monetize my talents. I knew the one thing I was good at that made me and others smile was my baking.

The first vegan items I ever baked were banana bread, and some dog treats for my two dogs. Next up were brownies and chocolate chip cookies. On June 6th, 2020 at the peak of a pandemic, I had my first vendor pop-up in 3rd ward Houston, TX. I was so nervous and stressed that day. Ten toes down in the deadly Houston heat, my mom stayed and help me set up and take down. I sold out and knew that day I had something worth fighting for.

1st Pop-Up

In college, I was the cupcake queen. I made them for friends, birthdays, and the student organizations I was in. I went back to my roots, but this time I wanted my baking to make a difference to impact people on the inside.

In 2012, I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome, an autoimmune disease. I started changing my life nine years ago to get off several pills a day and feel like I have control over my body. I am a foodie, but I am also health-conscious. I care about what I put into my body, and I want others to care about what they eat too.

I’m a flexitarian, and over time I have switched my diet to predominantly vegan/vegetarian, and occasionally yes, I do eat meat in moderation. My goal is not to bash anyone for their chosen diet, but to teach through taste what even one vegan baked good can do for the planet and your body.

I created the vision of Grub It Up, LLC hoping that I could help people eat the sweet stuff without the guilt of harming themselves, the planet, or any animal life. I wanted to and still do envision changing the world one vegan baked good at a time.

My vision expands beyond that, Grub It Up, LLC is a vegan hospitality brand in the making.

So keep watch take a bite, and stay tuned.

-Shelbie Morgan

CEO/Pastry Chef

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