Vegan Victory at Houston's Newest Vegan Restaurant Verdine

With Memorial Day weekend upon us most people had Friday off from work or got off early. I left the office around noon and decided to try the latest vegan restaurant to hit the city of Houston Verdine. You might have tried the food before at formally known food truck Ripe.

At this Houston Heights restaurant you can find delicious vegan eats like vegan mac and cheese, jackfruit carnitas tacos, and nachos. I decided to go for the beyond meat burger and massaged kale side salad with an order of sesame orange cauliflower all pictured below.

The sesame orange cauliflower puts actual orange chicken to shame with its savory sweet and crunchy goodness. I felt guilt free scarfing down these cauliflower bites. I think I might make my own version of them at home in an Asian vegan stir-fry. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. Take a close up look below for an in-depth view of deliciousness.

Now let's talk burgers! The beyond meat patty has been making it's mark the past few years and Verdine makes a hearty but tasteful version of it. The patty was thick but easy to chew with a hamburger like texture topped with red onions, lettuce, pickles, vegan cheddar and secret sauce all squeezed between wheat buns. Dive into the picture below to indulge in the flavor.

With all this good food I had to wash it all down with a nice cold glass of 2017 Gufino Pinot Grigio Grave de Friuli seen below. It had a crisp refreshing taste with hints of peach and green apples if my tastebuds are correct.

My experience at Verdine was nothing short of excellence. While I'm not a vegan I do eat vegan meals quite often and this one definitely met my needs. Living in the South I don't see as many vegan restaurants as I'd like, but I've noticed we are starting to get a small batch here in the city. Stay tuned for my next vegan food adventure and food travels across the city of Houston. Until next time enjoy your next meal and hopefully head over to Verdine's for a tasty bite. #GRUBITUP