The Real Deal: Dominican Republic Revealed

Grub It Up goes international! The sun is out, body goals were either met or they weren't, passports are clinched tight, toes are out and it's almost time for your flight! Welcome to summer 2019 baby! It's that time of year folks when everyone is ready to have some fun under the sun, grab a mojito and recharge on many of the beautiful islands this world has to offer.

I kicked off my summer vacation just right with a week long rejuvenating, refreshing and beautiful trip in the Caribbean to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic from June 2nd - June 8th! Hold up ... wait a minute you mean? Yes I went on vacation to the Dominican Republic.

Now wait I know what you might be thinking considering the recent rising death toll in the Dominican Republic the past few months. So before I get to the food I'd like to give my take on the Dominican Republic and why I thought it was one of the safest and most beautiful places I've been too. Peep me below relaxing on a cigar tour enjoying myself.

While I did keep in mind all that was happening in the Dominican Republic while I was there I didn't let it ruin my trip. I was on high alert and cautious as usual when I travel especially to a place where I am not from, but it was no more or less than anywhere else I've traveled out the country. With that being said I went and I had a great time. Don't let the media stop you from going there or smother the name of the country and the beautiful people that reside there.

No let's get to the good stuff the food and the paradise! That's me below by the way melanin popping and living my best life honey!

I rested my mind, body and soul at the luxury all inclusive adult only resort TRS Cap Cana Hotel. Everything from my kind and handsome butler Juan, delicious food, kind staff and overall ambiance was amazing. Let me not forget to mention the unlimited alcoholic beverages! Check out the hotel below:

Whether I was pool side chilling, having a drink or catching some sun with mom it was the time of my life.

Beach, Sun and Amaretto!

Me and Momma!

Anyone that knows me best will tell you my go to cocktail is always an Amaretto sour! Let's just say I took advantage of the unlimited drinks at the resort lol!

My hotel not only had delicious drinks but food that literally made you want to slap your mother! See the food porn below:

Can someone say lobster alfredo!

Surf & freaking turf!

Fresh salads on deck!

When you can wake up to fresh fruit everyday that's when you know it's real!

I had a fresh made smoothie everyday with papaya, passion fruit, guava and plums!

Now you know Grub It Up had to show out in the Dominican Republic and chef it up at a sushi making class! Let's just say I'm the sushi making and eating queen now!

How can I forget the buffet grill with the delicious eats from fish, to burgers to chicken and much more!

Now while the food at the resort was nothing short of show stopping who would Grub It Up be if she didn't check out the food off the resort!

Let me introduce you to the must visit and hottest restaurant in the Dominican Republic, Bachata Rosa! Get to OpenTable and make your reservation now.

This is definitely a hidden gem. The restaurant entrance is a old school bus turned into a colorful museum where you can get some great selfies.

Yes this is literally the entrance! Isn't it dope?

Now who can say their school bus looked like this?

Now lets go inside and dine!

As you can see the restaurant is nothing short of beautiful!

My mother and I started out with a delicious goat cheese salad.

Let's not forget the bomb ass drinks Dominican Republic style!

Now its time for the grand finale!

My mother and I both ordered the roasted lamb leg with corn polenta topped with a sweet and crunchy popcorn. This is the best lamb I've ever had. Is there a way I can get mailed this dish one more time please?

The next time you visit the Dominican Republic which I hope is soon please check out Bachata Rosa:

Now what's a paradise vacation without a little excursion or two. I left Punta Cana and ventured to Saona Island in the Dominican Republic. I thought my mind was already blown by this beautiful country but Saona Island blew it even more.

If your ever in the Dominican Republic which I hope you are please book the all day excursion to Saona Island with Vacaciones Barcelo:

It was the most organized, fun, thrilling, enjoyable safe, refreshing excursion I've ever been on. At every second of the trip I was smiling, laughing or taking pictures. I felt so free and very safe.

They arrange a private shuttle to pick you up from your hotel and then take you to meet the tour bus. Once you get on the tour bus you drive a bit of distance out until you reach white sands and blue water to catch your speed boat to Saona Island.

Here is me and mom on the speedboat on our way to Saona Island! Peep the crystal clear water of the beautiful Dominican Republic.

We stop halfway there to take a dip in the water and enjoy some adult beverages! It was pure bliss being in the ocean, drinking, socializing and having the time of my life with my mom.

Ohhhh just soaking up the sun in the Caribbean!

It's all love for the Dominican Republic! #AdidasGang

Now let's get back on the boat and head to Saona Island!

I didn't think the water could get any clearer but Lord knows it did! I was a little parched so I got a freshly cut coconut straight from the tree.

With all the swimming I got a bit hungry and went for the unlimited buffet of freshly made Dominican Food. Pasta, rice and beans, salad, chicken, sausage, fish and fruit just to name a few.

After all the food, swimming and fun I headed to the Catamaran for the trip back to our hotel. Peep the great shot of the Dominican Republic flag reflecting in my sunglasses. There was nothing short of a turn up on the party boat back.

After a week of enjoying the beautiful Dominican Republic it was time to come home. As much as I hated to leave paradise I felt so alive, happy, refreshed, recharged, inspired and full of joy, delicious food and alcohol.

I truly want to thank God for keeping me in good health and safe while there and for blessing me to have the opportunity to go in the first place with my mom.

Thank you to the Dominican Republic and all of the beautiful people I met there. You guys worked so hard and always had a smile on your face every moment which meant everything to me.

Thank you mom for taking this journey with me and always being down for everything. I love you much and I'm looking forward to our next adventure. Cheers! #GrubItUp