The Best Chicken & Waffles in Houston at Taste Bar + Kitchen

Let's start with a little bit of culinary history. The exact origin of the chicken and waffles we all know and love is unknown. Fried chicken first hit our American borders in the early 1800s when slaves that became cooks incorporated spices and seasoning into their cuisine. Waffles had a humble beginning dating back to medieval times as early as the 1200s. By the mid-1800s chicken and waffles became a favorite dish in the south and is what we now call soul food!

You can get a taste of soul food at it's finest at Midtown's latest upscale chicken and waffle restaurant Taste Bar + Kitchen. From the moment you arrive you're greeted by friendly valet staff so the stress of looking for parking is out the window and your entire focus is on what your about to devour. Side note please make a reservation this place is popping AKA busy as hell. They just started taking reservations about two weeks ago so that's what made me decide to go. I don't know about you but I don't like to wait at a restaurant or stand in line.

Here is a little more history. The restaurant is the old Sterling House bar and restaurant, which before that was the home that once belonged to former Texas Governor Ross Sterling. With its warm home vibes you're sure to feel welcomed as soon as you arrive. There is a beautiful outdoor patio on the first floor. You can also find a bar and seating area when you walk in and an upstairs seating section and patio. I ate upstairs which is a great choice and there is a live band on that level during certain days of the week.

Now let's get to the good part! The menus come out and its time to grab a few cocktails with my girls before we chow down. There are a large variety of options for drinks, waffle and chicken combinations plus delicious sides. Check out the cocktail menu below. I went with the French Hip a twist on my favorite class cocktail the French 75.

My cocktail is pictured below with a decadent flower to give it that wow factor. It was satisfying at first sip. My cousins went with a sweeter taste and got the Cotton Candy drink you can see in the below video.

Now let's talk about food! The menu has a wide array of chicken and waffle choices plus succulent sides. Items range from roasted chicken, vegan chicken and waffles to cheesy macaroni plus much more! You can even upgrade your waffles with flavors such as Fruity Pebbles and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

I went with the Nashville Hot Chicken with half buttermilk and half red velvet waffles. If you love spicy food the Nashville Hot Chicken will be right up your alley, it had spice, season and savory crunchiness all packed in each bite. I will say I wish I'd gotten all buttermilk waffles. The red velvet waffles were good but a bit too sweet for me almost like eating a cupcake. So if your not so much a sweets person like myself I'd stick to buttermilk or try another option. I think next time I'll go for the pecan praline waffles as it's buttermilk waffles with fresh pecans with a drizzle of praline sauce.

To wrap up this food journey Taste Bar + Kitchen gets an A+. I strongly recommend you go and fall in love with their iconic soul food and enjoy the staple chicken and waffle dish that many of us love. Until next time #GRUBITUP!