CBD + Coffee What's Better Than That?

CBD is hot right now and I think it's here to stay. Coffee dates back to the 15th century with origins in Yemen. I couldn't imagine a better duo and now there's a home for both in HTOWN!

Grinder's Coffee Bar in the Rice Village/ West University area is a quaint, dope and good vibes only coffee bar. The bar is decorated with contemporary decor that you can't but fall in love with it at first glance.

Like the sign says it is "NOT YOUR AVERAGE COFFEE"!

There are two entries, one takes you straight into the CBD store and the other into the coffee bar section. There are endless amounts of pastries, bites, and coffees to choose from. From muffins and avocado toast to granola parfaits and fruit cups they have it! I went with the Pumpkin Express gourmet specialty coffee. It's a delicious mix of espresso with pumpkin spice, cinnamon, vanilla, and steamed milk. Now I wouldn't be me without trying the "All The Tomatoes" avocado toast seen below.

Pumpkin Express for the win.

You can add CBD to any beverage on the menu and sip, sit back and relax. The CBD store has a wide array of items to choose from that include CBD infused bath bombs, lotions, teas, and gummies just to name a few.

This coffee bar is great for business meetings, studying and getting your creative juices flowing. Stop in, try the coffee, food, CBD and most importantly the vibes.

Happy Sipping!


5410 Kirby Dr Houston, TX 77005

West University

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