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Vegan Baked Goods. 

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

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Grub It Up, LLC focuses on providing quality vegan baked goods.

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, curious to try our products or just a lover of baked goods, we want to bake for you.

Our goal is for everyone in America to try one of our vegan baked goods, starting in Texas. 

Sustainability is a  motivator for why we even exist. Grub It Up LLC is three tiers, environmental, social equity, and economic development. 


Our goal is to enlighten our customers to enjoy the sweet stuff in life without adding to the carbon footprint or harming any animals. Eating a diet with more plant-based foods helps our planet.


Social Equity:

We want to build up surrounding communities and give everyone a chance to indulge in our products. Food equality is a movement. Regardless of a customer's financial background, they should have access to plant-based products.

Economic Development:

Our vision is to invest in community growth. As the company grows we also want quality of life around those that support us to develop.

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